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Export/import made easy

Trading partner for United States and European markets

What we do

Export management company

We specialize in the export of pulses, legumes and tree nuts from American farmers to Spain and Portugal.

We act as the export partner to those American farmers looking to bring additional revenue streams by expanding to foreign markets with minimum out-of-pocket expenses.


We establish market presence for your goods in Spain and Portugal, solicit orders and help you with all the details of the export transaction. We operate on a commission basis and will require exclusive rights to these markets.

We can also operate as an exclusive distributor on a buy-sell basis. 

Export agent

For American manufacturer/supplier, we act as their agent in the Spanish and Portugal market. We leverage our relationships with distributors and knowledge of the market to promote sale of American made goods. 

We conduct market research and represent the manufacturer/supplier at the trade shows, provide consulting services for export.


We produce and import organic extra virgin olive oil from Spain to deliver directly to American consumers and businesses.

We ensure high-quality and maintain competitive prices in the American market.


We use data and analytics to understand the demographics of the consumers of organic olive products and have developed targeted marketing strategy to reach them directly.

We are committed to educating consumers about the health benefits of organic olive products for gastronomy and skin care.

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